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 Theory Sessions  
Extensive Course Content substantiated by well formulated Course Material.
Classroom sessions are based on the Real Time Experience and Requirement.
Theory Sessions are handled by the Expert Trainers who are highly skilled in transferring the
    Knowledge to others.
Trainers have Experience, Expertise in Real Time Activities, which will be translated as Knowledge
    base for the Training Participant.
 Demo Sessions  
Demo Session on each topic to complement the Theory Sessions.
Demo by Trainers who will understand the Learning pace of each Training Participant, and are
    supported by Experienced Lab Administrators.
 Practice Sessions  
Practice Session to Improve the Training Participant's grasping of the Subject.
Helps the Training Participant to understand the functionality by hands-on practice.
Monitored and Guided by Experienced Lab Administrators.
 Practical Assignments  
Designed and Built to Enable the Training Participants to take up any Real Time Activities
    and projects independently.
Practical Assignment will drive the Training Participants in a methodological way to
    understand the concepts in a better way.
Practical Assignment complements the Training participant's understanding of the Concept
    learnt in Theory Sessions.
Practical Assignments are built by Expert who are Masters in Real Time activities.
 Objective Type Tests  
Framed considering the requirement of the Competitive Exams to be taken by the Training
    Participant in later part of their completion of the Training.
To test the understanding of the Subject through Theory Sessions, Practice Sessions and
    Practical Assignments.
 Practical Tests  
Designed and Built to boost the confidence of the Training Participants.
To check the grit of the Training participants and self analyzing the capability of handling
    the Real Time Activities and Assignments independently.
Workshops by Industry Expert.
Workshops on the topics of Real Time Major Activities/Projects.
Provides the holistic view and understanding of the Knowledge gained by the Training
    Participants during the Learning process.
Topics chosen by the Experts on a broader perspective of the Technical Career.
On Advanced topics which would be helpful for the Training Participants to know the
    technologies available for them to advance in their Technical Career.
 Mock Interviews  
Interviews will be conducted based on the Real Time requirements.
 Personality Development Program  
Is designed to enable the Training Participant to become an Expert.
Will include:
  1. Challenges in facing interviews
       a. To improve the aptitude through Analytical Skills and Logic Reasoning.
       b. Dressing
       c. Preparing for Interviews.
  2. Importance of Communication and Presentation Skills.
  3. Documentation Skills.
  4. To become self confident to face the challenges and excel in career.

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